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Trucks, buses, and other heavy-duty vehicles and work equipment often run on diesel. Diesel engines are known for their durability and efficiency, giving a cost-effective option for those seeking a rugged work vehicle. Many shops do not offer services for diesel engines, but we do.

What's the difference between diesel and gas engines?

While both gasoline and diesel engines mix and compress fuel and air inside their cylinders, a gas engine uses a spark plug to generate the energy that keeps your car moving, while a diesel engine builds pressure in the fuel-air mixture itself to generate heat.

Which is more fuel efficient?

Although diesel fuel is usually more expensive than regular gasoline, a gallon of diesel fuel will take you further than a gallon of gasoline fuel. Almost all car makes, including Toyota, Honda, Ford, and Hyundai, have several diesel makes, making diesel a viable option for many.

Our diesel mechanics understand the unique features of a diesel engine. We can perform major engine repairs and handle routine maintenance depending on your needs.

Diesel Repair Services

We offer diesel engine repair services to keep your engine working well.

Whether you are dealing with a minor inconvenience or catastrophic engine failure, trust our team to get to the bottom of the problem and provide workable repair solutions.

Diesel Engine Maintenance Services

In addition to repairs we offer diesel engine maintenance services to help protect your engine and reduce the risk of a costly repair. By keeping up with these important maintenance checks, you can protect your engine's longevity and efficiency.

In addition to repair and maintenance, our team is well-versed in what makes a diesel engine work. We can inspect the engine, following a detailed checklist, and determine if it has any potential problems.

If you care for them well, diesel vehicles will serve you for a long time. Partner with us to give your diesel vehicles the care they need to give you many years of reliable service. From repairs to maintenance and vehicle inspections, we have the diesel techs you need to get the most out of your vehicles.


As durable as diesel engines are built to be, parts of the engine can sometimes break down. Here are a few signs your diesel engine might need service: 

Your engine won't start or is hard to start: This typically indicates low compression or problems with fuel delivery. It’s normal for a diesel engine to crank up a bit when started, but it should not be extremely difficult to get the engine running.

There is noise coming from your vehicle: If you notice that noise is inconsistent or there is a knocking sort of sound in the engine, there is probably an issue with your fuel injectors or something else. You will probably experience reduced performance until you have the issue repaired.

There is black or white smoke coming out of your vehicle: Excessive smoke of any color can indicate an incorrect fuel/air ratio, an internal leak causing that fluid to be burned and produce excess smoke, among other things. Smoke coming out of your vehicle is never a good sign, and it is a big indicator that something is wrong with your diesel engine.

Whatever issues you are having with your diesel engine, you can bring your car to Tune Tech Fairview in Boise, and we will be sure to inspect and repair your engine.

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Excellent company that provides amazing service. First time at this shop and it exceeded my expectations. Fair pricing, great communication. I will be returning in the future!
Great work, quick turnaround, very reasonable price. Not many places around anymore that willingly take on working on old classics. The Tune Tech team did a great job for us.
Great guys to work with, very upfront straight forward and fair pricing.
I have been using Tune Tech for several years. Excellent service and timeliness. Will keep coming back!
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