Diagnostic Service in Boise, ID

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Diagnostics expertise is our jam

We know your vehicle is essential to your life and the safety of your family. And when it breaks down, you need it back on the road as soon as possible — with the problem fixed right the first time.

Our master-level technicians are full trained and equipped to diagnose any system on your vehicle. So, relax! The next time you bring your vehicle into TuneTech Fairview, we'll be able to figure out what's going on and get you driving again.

Accurate vehicle diagnostics requires both training and resources

If you ever get the chance to ask any of our technicians about the training they receive, you may be surprised at how much knowledge and skill goes into diagnosing and repairing modern cars in Boise.

The engines in cars today are more and more powerful, and the fuel is efficient and reliable. This is all due to the modern miracle of engineering.

But the advances come at the price of simplicity. Modern cars are so much more complex, from a mechanical and electrical standpoint. Vehicles have several networked computers controlling most of the engine functions, as well as other aspects of the vehicle's operations.

Motorists take all of this sophistication for granted – but somebody has to fix it when it breaks, not matter the year, make, or model of the car.

Getting our customers back on the road requires a high level of commitment to high-quality training and resources from everyone here at Tune Tech Fairview.

In addition to on-going training, we also provide our team the resources, diagnostic and repair tools, and research databases they need to accurately and efficiently repair and maintain your vehicles.

What our customers are saying

Great work, quick turnaround, very reasonable price. Not many places around anymore that willingly take on working on old classics. The Tune Tech team did a great job for us.
I have been using Tune Tech for several years. Excellent service and timeliness. Will keep coming back!
Great guys to work with, very upfront straight forward and fair pricing.
Excellent company that provides amazing service. First time at this shop and it exceeded my expectations. Fair pricing, great communication. I will be returning in the future!
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