Battery & Ignition Repair in Boise, ID


Got a weak or dead battery?

At Tune Tech, we can check the state of your battery and cables and the charging system to ensure that it is all working properly. While the battery is not the only cause of a no crank situation, it is the most common and, fortunately, it is usually the easiest and cheapest solution.

Having Tune Tech perform some basic battery maintenance can go a long way to helping you prolong the life of your car's battery and know when you should be replacing it, before it leaves you stranded somewhere.

We’ll make sure you can get your motor running

First, we can clean your battery, terminals, and cables. Batteries can have a sulfuric acid leak that can cause a white or green acid buildup on the battery terminals where the cables connect. Keeping these connections clean will ensure that you have good contacts and will help to prolong the life of the battery. At Tune Tech, our technicians can clean your battery terminal and put a protective sealant on it to help it stay that way.

Second, we ensure that the battery is being properly charged. It is common when living close to work, school, and the grocery store to do many short trips. These short trips can often cause wear and tear on the battery because we use a lot of power when starting the vehicle. The alternator often does not have ample time to recharge the battery before it is shut off. This will slowly wear the battery down and shorten its life.

We recommend that you have your car's battery and charging system tested regularly so that you know the state it's in, and then can charge the battery more to help establish the proper power levels. A normal battery these days lasts only about 4 years, so doing what you can to get the most out of them is important.



With a starting and charging system analysis from Tune Tech, we test your battery’s condition, as well as your vehicle’s charging system. We can accurately diagnose the problem and then recommend the appropriate solution, saving you the cost of guesswork and unnecessary repairs.

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