Dash lights can alert you and us about possible problems with your vehicle

In addition to the speedometer, tachometer, and gas gauge, there are warning lights you need to pay attention to on your vehicle’s dashboard and instrument panel. (You may have gauges for some of these, but it’s still important for you to keep an eye on them.)

You can search the internet and find millions of sites with tricks to get your car’s warning lights to turn off.  But what good does that do? Whatever caused the light to come on is still wrong.  Not getting to the bottom of the problem can lead to other problems – some minor and some more serious. At Tune Tech Fairview in Boise, ID, our service advisors can get properly diagnose the root of the issue causing the light to appear and get it repaired.

Here are some examples of dashboard lights that you might encounter with your car.

Check Engine light

If you see this one (it usually looks like an engine), it means one or more sensors in your vehicle has detected an abnormal situation. Again, you should have this checked out as soon as possible. Tune Tech’s expert technicians can read the codes stored in your vehicle that will point towards the issue. If the Check Engine light is flashing, there is something wrong that could lead to serious damage — so get it checked out right away.

We advise Boise drivers to resist the temptation to have someone “clear” the codes to turn off your vehicle Check Engine light. This erases important diagnostic information that your friendly and knowledgeable Tune Tech service advisor needs to diagnose the underlying problem for the Check Engine light – and any other pending problems that may be stored in the computer.

Oil pressure

This lets you know if you have had a drop in oil pressure in your engine.  Low oil pressure means your engine parts aren’t getting lubricated as they should, and this can cause serious damage. Call our service advisor immediately; you may damage your vehicle if you drive it in this condition any further.

Brake light

If this is illuminated, your parking brake may be on, or there may be a more serious problem like low brake fluid or hydraulic system issues.  Check your parking brake and if it isn’t on and the light is, make sure to get it checked ASAP. 

Tire pressure light

Newer vehicles have tire pressure monitors (TPMS) built in that will tell you if any of your tires are over or under inflated.  Both conditions need to be checked out.  If the TPMS light is flashing, the system itself needs attention.

Temperature Light

So, if you see the engine temperature warning light come on, what does it mean and what do you do next? If this light turns on, it means that your vehicle has detected that the coolant temperature is too high. This indicates that your engine is likely overheating.

If your engine is overheating, it is recommended to pull your vehicle over to a safe place and turn off the engine for at least 20 minutes. Afterward, drive your vehicle into our shop here at Tune Tech for an inspection. You definitely do not want to continue driving your vehicle for extended periods of time if there is a cooling system issue. You may have a coolant leak or a problem with a cooling system component that will lead to your engine running at very high temperatures. This can lead to engine damage, corrosion, and eventually total failure.

Charging (Battery) Light

Your battery light, also called the dashboard battery indicator, is designed to let you know about an issue with your vehicle’s battery or charging system. It could indicate that your battery is damaged or worn, or that the charging system is broken in some way. When your vehicle is having these issues, you’ll often notice other bad battery symptoms, too. Perhaps the car won’t turn over, or the car stutters when turning on. You may notice a clicking sound when attempting to start the engine. You may also have a radio that won’t turn on, or power windows that are slow to come up.

Your vehicle has many complex systems that work together to provide you a safe and enjoyable drive. If your vehicle’s dash lights come on and stay on and/or you hear strange noises coming from your vehicle, do not hesitate to bring it into our Boise office for an inspection. Our technicians and staff have years of experience in auto repair, including Auto Repair and Engine Repair. Please call us at 208-377-4220 to make an appointment.

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