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Bad car battery? How to check your car battery for problems

Welcome to our series of educational posts about various car care topics.  We hope you find the information helpful and invite you to comment below and share this post with your family and friends. If you have any topics you want us to cover in this series, email us...

Don’t get stranded this winter because of a dead battery

Cold weather is one of the harshest conditions for car batteries to deal with. The low temps can weaken your pattern and over time it can lose it’s ability to hold a charge. Don’t wait it’s until it’s too late and you get stranded with a dead battery.

1962 VW Beetle brought back to life

When this Bug came to Tune Tech, it hadn’t run for man years and needed some love. We got it back on the road in no time. Here’s its story.

Getting a 1971 Dodge Demon back on the road

The biggest issue keeping this Dodge Demon from running again was the state of the motor mounts. They were so deteriorated that the entire engine and attached systems were sitting on the left side of the engine bay.